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First lady entreated to turn back to her alma mater 



Vice principal of the government secretarial school ,Kumasi campus, Mrs. Mavis Asante, has called on  Mrs Rebecca Akufo Addo, first lady of the Republic to aid her former school in terms of infrastructure.

According Mrs Asante, The First lady, Mrs Rebecca Akufo Addo, is one of the topmost past product that government secretarial school has ever produced and can boast of. Her good and relentless service to mother Ghana cannot be overlooked and her almer mater, government secretarial school is one that cannot be taken out of the equation by earning  her the enviable secretarial role in merchant bank and other reputable organizations in the UK and subsequently becoming the first lady.

She added, Mrs Akufo Addo’s Kind and philanthropic posture to all is something worth emulating. however, a lot needs to be done and her almer mater can never  be exempted. She lamented on the lack of infrastructure in terms of dormitories and hostel facilities to accommodate students in the school.
“I believe with her current role and position in the country, she can facilitate in bridging the infrastructural gap in school she once enrolled in, especially,  Kumasi campus”

she complained on how individuals are encroaching the school land  which was allotted to them in the erstwhile president Acheampong’s regime and how it has remain unutilized till now.

Mrs. Asante in addressing the media ahead of  a graduation ceremony tomorrow concluded by calling for support from Nananom and community members to help protect the shcool land against  encroachment.


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