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Five Things Cheating Women Always Say When Caught


To have a cheating wife or girlfriend can be too ridiculous. You tend to be on the watch out anytime you are not with them. Cheating is one things most people dislike unless both lovebirds have decided to do so without any grudgery. My last relationship ended when I caught my woman cheating and these are some likable things she said to defend herself.


“You made me cheat”, these words sound funny but very serious when you catch your woman cheating. She normally uses this sentence to turn your focus from her infidelity to your wrong actions. In many situation, this can be true so be careful as to how you also treat your woman as a guy.

“So you don’t trust me”, if you have notice your woman using such sentences more often, then there’s a possibility that she is cheating on you. This happens to be a powerful psychological way to question your trust. They use this as a defensive weapon to backfire her actions of cheating.

“I was about to tell you”, I personally have encountered this many times in my previous relationships. Anytime I caught my girlfriend cheating, she uses the sentence “I was about to tell you” to show that she wasn’t capable of cheating on you and also to win your trust.

“It was only a one-time fling”, to most women, this shows that she has regretted and wouldn’t go back to her bad actions. If she truly cheated on you, she would tell you it is a one-time fling and nothing as such would happen again.

You don’t understand me”, women who are very good in mind games tend to use this sentence to make you feel like you’re outside the special bond. This also picture you of not been able to see the legitimacy in the relationship you both are into.

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