Future Divine Hope Foundation donates sanitary pads to schools in Kpone Katamanso Municipality



In a quest to tackle poor menstrual hygiene practices among young ladies in the country, Future Divine Hope Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has donated sanitary pads with hygienic materials to some schools in Kpone Katamanso Municipality of the Greater Accra region.

The donation follows higher cases of reproductive and urinary tract infections in addition to rashes, itching, foul odor, and many other reproductive health morbidities among young ladies.

Future Divine Hope Foundation in its first donation was to improve good menstrual health and hygiene practices to prevent infections, reduce odors, and help students stay comfortable during their period.

In some deprived communities in the country, students find it difficult to cater for their sanitary pads during their menstrual cycle.

The Director for the Future Divine Hope Foundation, Madam Helena Akua Ahunya called on institutions and stakeholders to join hands to bring meaningful change to girls to hygiene and dignity during their most vulnerable moments.

She pleaded with the government to abolish taxes on sanitary pads to enable young ladies to stay healthy during their menstrual period.

Madam Helena Akua Ahunya urged the government to initiate a free sanitary pads policy for young students in the country.

She said that free sanitary pads for students at the junior high level will help reduce risk of serious infections like a pelvic inflammatory disease which can affect their fertility.

Madam Helena Akua Ahunya promised that the foundation will continue to invest in solutions that fill the gap in access to quality, affordable education, alms for orphans, and families living in poverty.

Madam Carline Dodzi Iko, a key member of the Future Divine Hope Foundation advised parents to guide children during their menstrual period to prevent morbidities.

She urged that student to keep themselves clean during the period.

Diana Abogvi, an Adolescent Health Focal Person for Kpone Polyclinic on her part educated the students to be cautious about infection during the period.

Diana Abogvi advised them to take menstrual hygiene seriously to help curb dire consequences.

The Managing Director for the Foundation, Pastor Prince Israel said that they are committed to reach out to all volunables in Ghanaians.

Pastor Prince Israel called on individuals, institutions, stakeholders to the foundation to support the needy.

The school authorities and the students also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the leadership of the foundation for their kind gesture.

They appealed to the leadership of the foundation to continue supporting the less privileged in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Future Divine Hope Foundation, Mr Joseph Mensah, on his part stated that the gesture was a token of his own effort to improve the conditions of young students in the municipality.

Mr Joseph Mensah indicated that the foundation was established to all who are in need.

Kpone Methodist School and Kokompe Haana K K Basic School benefited from the donation.

Sanitary pads, tissue papers, Veronica bucket, liquid soaps and many others were donated to the schools in the municipality.


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