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General Legal Council To Shut Down Some Institutions Awarding LLB Degrees – Chief Justice



Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, has revealed that the General Legal Council (GLC) would in the coming days restrict some institutions from awarding Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme to students.

Speaking at the 2022 call to the Bar ceremony in Accra, the Chief Justice said the GLC would take advantage of the powers given to it by Parliament under Act 32 to purge institutions with inadequate resources offering LLB to students.

This, he said, would improve and sustain the standards of the legal profession.

“ In a move to uphold the sanctity and standards of the legal profession, the General Legal Council with the powers conferred on it by Parliament would be compelled to withdraw the recognition of some faculties which offer LLB programs, but which lack the requisite faculties, lecturers, structures or libraries, ” Justice Anin-Yeboah said in his address.

According to him, the move was not a calculated attempt to punish some institutions, rather, to rid of substandard legal practitioners in the country.

He mentioned that a survey conducted by the GLC showed that some institutions offering LLB were highly under-resourced and unqualified to offer the programme.

He said, “there is nothing punitive about this move. It is a precautionary measure to tackle any semblance of mediocrity from the roots and not from the branches.”

At the just-ended 59th anniversary of the enrollment of lawyers to the Ghana Bar Association organized on Friday, November 11, 2022 at the Accra International Conference Centre, a total of 785 lawyers were called to the Bar.

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