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Ghana bans importation of the following substandard electrical appliances (List)



As part of efforts to prevent Ghana from becoming a dumping ground for some substandard electrical appliances, the Energy Commission has announced a ban on the importation of some new but substandard and used electrical appliances.
The Energy Commission in a statement said per its mandate under Act 541, it had caused Parliament to pass 19 laws to regulate the markets for electrical appliances and renewable energy projects.

The purpose of the new regulations are also to reduce electricity demand and cost; protect the environment and safeguard the health of citizens from air pollution caused by increased power generation; and protect consumers from purchasing unsuitable appliances as well as paying unnecessarily high electricity bills.

The regulations came into force on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

However, to ensure the effective implementation of the regulations and protect the livelihoods of persons in the electrical appliances and renewable energy products markets, there will be a transitional period of one year for the market to adjust.

The list of new but substandard and used appliances include;

Clothes Washing Machines
Industrial Fans
Rice Cookers
Set-Top Boxes
Ventilating Fans
Solar Panels
Microwave Ovens
Storage Water Heaters
Renewab;e Energy Batteries
Public Lighting
Improved Biomass Cookstoves
Television Sets
Electric Motors
Electric Kettles
Air Conditioners
Distribution Transformers
Comfort Fans


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