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Ghana Isn’t Part Of 10 African Countries With Highest Petrol Prices in 2022


10 Countries with highest energy prices in Africa are as follows:

Zimbabwe: $2.153. The country’s Energy and Power Development Minister, Zhemu Soda, said frequent petrol price hikes were due to developments in the international oil industry.

Seychelles: $1.541. Though not an oil-producing country, Seychelles, some international oil companies are busy prospecting potential oil deposits off its many coasts.

Malawi: It costs $1.426 to buy a litre of petrol. The country is said to have a great prospect of discovering crude oil reserves in Lake Malawi.

South Africa: $1.413. Total Energies said it had made a major discovery of gas condensates in one of its exploration fields.

Uganda: $1.389.

Mauritius: $1.381 per litre. Mauritius is not an oil-producing country.

Burundi: $1.340.

Senegal: $1.299. Senegal found some crude oil deposits between 2014 and 2017. However, the country has been pushed back till 2023.

Lesotho: It costs $1.231 to buy a litre of petrol.

Rwanda: $1.230. Rwanda is not an oil-producing country.

NNPC reveals how much petrol will cost when subsidy is removed next year  reported that according to the  NNPC,the ,the average daily importation of fuel between January and August 2022 was 68 million litres which it pays N297 per litre to subsidise.

A statement by the company said the total volume of petrol imported into Nigeria was 16.46 billion litres since January 2022 and translated to a supply of 68 million, a BusinessDay report said.

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