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Ghana Ranks 14th Worldwide On Cocaine Consumption, ASEPA Calls On Gov’t To Act

  Yet again the supply and usage of COCAINE is fast  rising in our Country after several robust action by Ex-President John Evans Attah Mills, in 2010 took Ghana off the radar of the UN office on Drugs and Crime and International Anti-Drug Trafficking Agencies. Ghana recorded a sharp drop in the supply and consumption of COCAINE from 2010-2016 according to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.Security at the various ports of entry were tremendously improved  and it became almost impossible to traffick drugs through our borders.By April 2016, Ghana’s drugs records had  improved and stabilised and for a while Ghana was absent in the top 40 rankings in the global COCAINE usage chart. Surprisingly a new report in October 2017 by the same UN Office on Drugs and Crime, saw Ghana record a surprising hike in the usage of COCAINE as Ghana fell over 20 places to 14th in the global COCAINE usage rankings and this has yet again put Ghana on the radar of International Drug Control Agencies. A new report is set to be released soon, and it appears Ghana is likely to move into the top 10 in the Global COCAINE usage chart by recording up to 1.7% of its population as active COCAINE users, well above Colombia(which is mostly known as the hub and Production point for Cocaine) But has only 1.34% of its Citizens as active users. In a statement copied to on the issue Aishatu Seidu, Executive Secretary of Alliance For Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has it that, ASEPA  believes the sharp upsurge in the usage of COCAINE have been triggered by a huge overflow in the supply of the drug into our system in recent times. “We therefore call for an emergency action by Government and Governmental Agencies and the Local Anti Trafficking Unit to take steps to clamp down on traffickers importing the drug through various routes into the Country.The pressure group added in a statement copied to this morning.  They believe, this calls for a National Emergency Action as Ghana is likely to loose a lot of its youth to the harmful effects of cocaine use and that could tremendously affect the Country’s human resource potential as well as it human development indices.Source Foster  

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