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GHANA’S EDUCATION IS IN COMATOSE- Nat Andoh ,NDC TEIN TTU Vice President and member western regional communication team writes



Education is a process whose end is developing personal autonomy. It does that by developing abilities, knowledge, understanding of the world, that helps you act independently, that allows you to discriminate between good and bad ideas, that gives you a space to argue with or play with ideas, so that you can test how they fit with your world. As Scorsese put it in Meanstreets, the rest is bull, and you know it.

Education is a crucial stepping stone in life, allowing motivated students to explore an area of interest to help better guide them in the right direction in the world of work. It equips them not only with knowledge of a subject, but also with a variety of communication and professional skills that they can carry with themselves throughout the rest of their lives

Education is a window of opportunity for a more fulling life but since NPP government came Ghana education is in comatose.

In April 2019 the Ghana Education Service introduced new curriculum for basic school teachers to use for their work but as at now there is no books provided for teaching and learning. We all know that the basic school is the foundation in education and the kids foundation are being laid poorly it tells you the future is pregnant because this are the people who will be working at our various hospitals as Doctors and nurses the next 15 years to come. It’s worrying and frightening.

I will not spend much time on secondary schools because the hunger situation and lack of facilities that lead to the green, gold school shift and no teaching and learning materials are eyesore situations that is known to every Ghanaian.

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) called on its members to engage in an indefinite strike on January 10, 2022 The UTAG stated that this action is due to “worsening conditions of service” without sufficient response from the employer. Strike action that took months for it to be called off because ordinary Ghanaian child Education is not a priority of this NPP government.

Today UTAG is on strike again for the same aforementioned reasons .

The leadership of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG) has declared an indefinite strike action over concerns about conditions of service.In a statement issued on Friday, November 18, TUTAG said issues raised in an earlier letter addressed to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) and copied to the Minister of Education, Minister of Finance, Chairman of the National Labour Commission (NLC) and the Chief Executive Officer of the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission have since not received any attention from the aforementioned government agencies.

As at now the students of technical universities in Ghana are at home of which I am a victim because I am an ordinary Ghanaian child of which my education is not a priority of this NPP government.

College of Education Teachers Association of Ghana ( CETAG ) and College of Education Non-Teaching Staff Association of Ghana ( CENTAG ) are on strike now.

Basically all the tertiary institutions in Ghana teachers and non teaching staff are on strike for a common reason condition of service but this NPP government sit aloof unconcerned because is the child of the ordinary Ghanaian who is suffering.

Education is a key in national development so we all must add our voice for this NPP government to take education serious for the betterment of mother Ghana and our future.

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