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Glitmall To Create Digital Jobs For The Youth-Co-founder Reveals

GLITMALL,an online marketing company  has officially been   launched  in Kumasi with the aim of creating digital jobs for the youth in the country.
 Glitmall is  a revolutionary company in Ghana  that’s speerheaded by digital entrepreneurship which is leading to creating digital jobs for the youth , according to management.
Management made it known that, they are  talking about digitization because that was the easy way people especially the youth can sit at the comfort of their homes and make money with their data on their mobile phones.
 Sparking during the launch of the company,Mr.Mens Darko Kokora,Chief Operations Officer in charge of technology made it known that,the idea of creating jobs through digitalization started somewhere in 2018 but prayed for a successful implementation over these  years.
He said, the idea of digitalizing the market has now become a national   agenda.
He said, People used to ask, how can digitisation lead to job creation?.
Answering that,with Glitmall you  just connect  your phone to the internet where there must be a platform for you to make money.
Adding that, people  are on all social media platforms nowadays , that’s  WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter sharing people’s videos for nothing and  are just wasting their data and credit .
But announced that,if one is on WhatsApp group platforms , in a day  ,the person can receive like more than fifty videos but what people don’t realise is that a megabyte is a cedi and a cedi  is a currency so when one buys a data you buy with money and  then you exchange the money with data so when ever you are taking  two megabytes out of it you are taking money out from your pocket through watching peoples videos that brings nothing to you .
But indicated that, now,  what Glitmall is   saying is that the is  a platform that is given you the opportunity to make money whiles  sharing peoples’ post.
 “Now register, get a special link ,share that link rather so that when people click on the link you are able to serve them with something ,get them into a platform where they can shop for whatever they need .”He further indicated.
He revealed that,for instance,somebody wants to prepare fufu, somebody wants to prepare banku, what the person needs to do is to just visit the site click on the items sit at the comfort of their homes and it is delivered and payment is made.
It is stress free and very convenient platform that  you can confidentially sit at home and say I will get my corn dow, I will get my okro ,l will get my salt,I will get my pepper .
Immediately they buy from the site because it’s through your link that somebody clicked and purchased the items,the system pays you 3.55 commission on the amount spent on the purchase.
“So if the person bought  items worth hundred Ghana cedis  ,the system automatically pays you 3.44 Ghana cedis commission for doing that .
He said by doing  this business , you just  share  your link and  you need not to walk to your friends house in other to send him the  link before u can make money.
Mr.Darko further noted that,the world doesn’t sleep but it is we the people who rather sleep so we should take advantage of technology to create job and make money out of it because people who have businesses on the internet are able to earn a numerous money than those doing without internet.
“Business tycoons who use the internet  are able to  create wealth for themselves so we are calling on the youth to take advantage of their mobile phones to make money with it without stress. “He dedduced.

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