Government urged to upgrade Kumasi Abattoir to second-class status to create job opportunities



The vice President of the Ghana Butchers Association and also Ashanti regional chief butcher, Chief Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma has implored the government to upgrade Kumasi Abattoir to second-class status to help control the unemployment rate in the country.

Chief Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma is confident that if the government takes necessary steps to make his passionate appeal feasible it will create millions of jobs in the country, especially in the five northern regions.

Comparing Australia to Ghana, the Ashanti regional chief butcher remarked that, Australia with 445,000 in the butchery business contributes 50 billion US dollars annually, representing 46 percent of their GDP to the country’s economy.

In an exclusive interview with Chief Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma stated that 6,000 people visit Kumasi Abattoir which is the third largest market in the region for business daily, hence, if the government upgrades their facility to second-class status it will help create job opportunities and assist the country’s economy.

He mentioned that the government improving their scope of business will make animal rearing more attractive and lucrative to Ghanaians.

Added that, Kumasi abattoir is one of the finest in West Africa currently, so if it reaches second-class status it will not only feed Ghana but West Africa entirely.

Reacting to the outbreak of anthrax, he underscored that the Ashanti Regional veterinary boss has guaranteed them to continue their activities since the disease is not in the region.

According to Chief Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma, the regional veterinary boss has assured them of measures they have put in place to prevent the disease in the region, therefore he will stand on the assurance given and allay fears of some residents in Kumasi about the outbreak and urged them to continue to eat beef and they will not be infected by anthrax.

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