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Group Predicts Outcome Of Bono East Regional Elections



A group by name Standard Research Team has in a comprehensive research predicted winners of the upcoming Bono East Regional elections of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

With a sample size 160 executives out of 187 interviewed, the group conveyed interesting outcomes.

Using a quantitative research method, the group said it used a routine analysis format called GoSpotCheck.

This portal publishes the release of the research in full beneath.

Standard Research Team; a credible marketing and survey group since 2018. Tobinco, Atonia foods, Kasapreko, etc are all clients.

*SAMPLE SIZE:* Out of the 187 Constituency Executives, 160 were reached, representing 81% of the total. The number of the council of elders and patrons is not more than 20 but is ignored because the exact was not known.

As a marketing research group, one of the powerful Quantitative Research tools in our routine analysis is GoSpotCheck.

GoSpotCheck has an incredible way of gathering data and detailed perceptions in real-time. The platform enabled the team to collect data and complete the tasks during the phone calls. The marginal error is +/-5.

The confidence level can’t be so high for quantitative research reporting people’s sentiments, future and events; therefore 90%. The questionnaire used for the checklist: these questions apply to all the positions.

i) Who would you vote for?
ii) Why would you vote for him/her?
iii) Do you consider he/she being incumbent or a new aspirant? Yes/No
iv) Do you have a personal experience/relation with the candidate? Yes/No
v) Do you feel being influenced in your choices?

Let’s work on some research findings this morning and put it out for our team.

Bono East Chairmanship Race
1. Thomas Adu Appiah (63.2℅)

2. Ibrahim Baba Bukari (34. 1℅)

3. Prince Yaw Donyina(2.7%)

1st Vice
1. Ibrahim Mohammed ( 71.9%)
2. Dr. David Amoah(27.1%)

2nd Vice
1. Nana Sekyer Boateng(49.8℅)

2. Baba Abdallah(46.3℅)

3.  (3.9%)

1. Amofa Kofi Atta (50.2℅)

2. David Boakye (49.8℅)

Assistant Secretary
1. Mahama Seidu Limann( 82. 7℅)

2. Charles Tadi Banyu( 6.8℅)

3. Agyeman McCarthy ( 1.5℅)

1. Musah Sulemana( 77.6%)
2. Isaac Kwain (22.4%)

Woman Organiser
1. Sophia Afriyie Danso(62.3℅)

2. Akosua Kuffour( 37.7%)

Youth Organiser
1. Charles Dorkyi Addo(67.9)
2. Kwadwo Amoako( 32.1%)

Nasara Coordinator
1. Alhaji Adamu Mohammed(33.4%)

2. Gibriel (31.8%)

3. Haruna( 34.8%)


* The majority of the delegates have realised that the lost seats in the 2022 elections were not caused by the regional chairman but by disunity among the constituency executives.

* All those MPs have been admitted on several media platforms which is a boost for Mr TOMA and has won the hearts of many.

* Out of the 160 constituency executives reached, over 140 were straightforward for Toma.Some of the officers said they would vote for Mr Toma because Mr Ibrahim and Mr Donyina  are not an option.

* The respondents also said Mr Ibrahim and Mr Donyina doesn’t have much capabilities in to lead the party to break the 8. The officers want somebody who will take part in practical direction and activities, not arms chair leadership.

Nana Asemp- 0593459782
Alfred Obeng  050 539 1421

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