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GUTA locks over 50 shops belonging to Nigerians in Kasoa



Some Nigerian traders in Kasoa in the Awutu Senya East District of the Central Region whose shops have been locked by the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) for more than three days want government’s intervention in the matter.

According to the Nigerian traders most of whom are members of the Nigerian Union of Traders Association (NUTA), they have been targeted for such exercises while other foreign nationals are left off the hook.

They lament that for over three days now their shops have been locked making it difficult for them to cope.

According to the Nigerian traders, no reasons were given for their shops being locked adding that a joint team of police, military coupled with the leadership of GUTA led the operations.

They also lament the harsh economic condition they are going through as a result of their shops being locked.

“We asked them the reason for the exercise, and they told us that they are from the Ghana Union of Traders Association and that we are supposed to report to the Ministry of Trade and Industry if we want our shops to be opened. The notice placed on my shop has the inscription that they are here to deal with foreigners, but interestingly they are only dealing with Nigerians and no other foreigners. And I find it hard to understand because Ghana and Nigeria are brothers and this shouldn’t happen,” Christian Ameh, a Nigerian trader told Citi News.

Chukwu another Nigerian Trader lamented the hardship he is going through as a result of his shop being locked.

According to him, the harsh economic condition currently is making his situation difficult.

“I am a family man, and how do you expect me and my family to cope now that our shop which is the only source of livelihood has been locked? I know Ghana and Nigeria are brothers and brothers don’t live this way.”

“The team which comprised some police, military and leadership of GUTA are the ones involved in this exercise, “Chukwu said.

Citi News observed that some notices have been placed on the shops that have been affected directing the affected persons to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for redress.

It also urged them to come along with their business operating permit, tax receipts, tenancy agreement, and business registration certificate among others.

Chairman of the Nigerian Community in the Central Region. Sir Dr. Chukuemaka Azebuike gave a breakdown of the genesis of the matter while calling on the two government to collaborate to resolve the matter.

According to him, the matter has been lingering since 2019 where Nigerian shops were locked at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle and have not been opened since.

The exercise continued in Kumasi where shops of some Nigerians were locked adding that the same thing is happening in Kasoa which needs the intervention of both government to resolve the matter.

“The Police, Military and some Ghanaians who were leading the operation pointed out some Nigerian shops which have been locked. The issue of segregation must stop because the exercise is targeted at foreigners but when you come down to the grounds, they are only targeting Nigerian shop owners which is bad because Ghana and Nigeria are brothers and the two governments must work in resolving this issue.

For me as a Nigerian chairman, I feel sorry for what is happening because Nigerians in Ghana are doing their business free and want both governments to agree as brothers. The current economic crisis is even making it worse,” the chairman of the Nigerian traders in the Central Region said.

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