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Hired Detractors Will Be Crushed On Our Journey To Rescue The Nation-Ako Gunn



It is obvious the NPP are not coming to the 2024 elections with their record, but will rather be interested in the alternatives the NDC will be providing. They will be using some media personalities and Civil society organisations to try and shoot it down since their hands are not clean enough to come frontal.

They should come prepared, but not like *Dan Kwaku Yeboah*, else they will be sorry !!!

When the former president said he has never been paid his ex gratia, I am sure some people had wax in their ears. How could he return something he doesn’t have? They pretend to be deaf and blind, when its about the NDC, but are the loudest when it is about attacking the NDC. This season will be different for some of them.

We were in this country when Torgbui Afede was crucified and sent to the cleaners just because he paid his ex gratia back to chest. Today those same people are asking John Mahama to return his ex gratia.

Hatred and hypocrisy, makes people easily sound stupid !!!

I have never seen such spontaneous responses like I saw this week. There can not be any better warning than this. Other hypocrites must rethink before taking their next assignment.

The next phase of the NDC will be like the second coming of Christ. His first coming was like a lamb to take away the sins of men, but the second coming is to judge corruption and foolishness in the hearts of some people !!! No one stands on the path of a rolling stone. Beware !!!

Let me take this opportunity to salute all soldiers who quickly defended the umbrella. Let’s close our ranks and we will stop the political arrows that fly by day, and the terrors by night.

Let me also entreat all soldiers to be circumspect as we go through the last phase of our reorganisation. Our togetherness will enable all those who do not emerge after the 13th May primaries to throw their weight behind the party without any hesitations. Let’s Keep hope alive, there are better days ahead.

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