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I don’t believe in all get togethers, they’re a formalities not for expression of love -Parliamentary candidate hopeful



George Akom, a well known Governance Analyst and Parliamentary Candidate Hopeful for Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency in the Ashanti region has stated emphatically that he does not believe in all group fun fare activities , especially birthday parties, funeral get- to- gethers and many of such gatherings.

He explained, that such gatherings are for fun to the satisfaction of individuals,but not for the purpose which they are organised to show love and to interact with loved ones.
Mr. Akom intimated, that many gatherings have been organised which didn’t serve any purpose apart from merry- making. “Sometimes you see people enthused about going for parties, weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals and many of such events. Many of such people come home sad because they met someone they didn’t want to see or not interested to meet, possibly their enemy”,Mr. Akom quizzed.
He emphasized that, many people have moved away from love and welfare of people to personal interest, creating a lot of suffering to humanity, especially the vulnerable. He addressed that, people now adays show love artificially to convince many to believe that they love them. Some of them use this artificial relationships to cajole people to believe in natural love, but such love does not exist in their hearts. They could invite them to their parties, funerals and many of such events to convince them of love, but such invitations are for public gallery.
He re- echoed that love is natural and could not be enforced by anyone. If you fake love, your life activities could expose you to the side of disgrace. He continued that people should not use their life advantage to put other people in disadvantage positions, but to support all have to have better lives.
He opined that humanity should use all possible avenues to improve the lives of people to express their love rather than pushing them into detrimental situations.
Mr. George Akom is a well known personality who has contributed so much into media by his publications, discussion on topics of national interest for good governance.
He aspires to become a Member of Parliament for Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency in the Ashanti region. Many people are rooting for him because of his contribution to the development of his Constituency. His passion for the youth in the Sekyere Afram Plains District cannot be underestimated.

He has organised district mock for BECE Candidates, donated Mathematical Set to all BECE pupils, provided sports equipment to support Basic School sports festival, organised Christmas Soccer Gala for many communities, sponsored persons who were into apprenticeship programs and many of such benevolence activities.

He is currently a Senior Assistant Registrar of Ghana Communication Technology University.

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