‘I will deal with any of my sub-chiefs that do not get 75% votes for Mahama’ – Bolewura



The Paramount Chief of Bole Traditional Area in the Savannah Region, Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) has said that the 2024 election is about empowering the Chieftaincy institution in Gonjaland and and so, after the 2024 elections he will set up a Committee in every town that his Sub-Chiefs rule to ascertain whether they were able to campaign to their subjects to obtain 75% of vote cast for their son from Bole in order to avoid any re-run of elections.

Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) said, there is a difference between who a friend and who a relative is.

Bolewura Safo Kutuge Feso (I) said this at his Palace in Bole during a courtesy call on him by former President John Dramani Mahama and Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on 2nd January, 2024.

Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) after welcoming former President John Dramani Mahama and his entourage said, he was delighted to receive a Son of the land who is always concerned about Bole his hometown and Savannah region as a whole.

Addressing the gathering, he said, there is a difference between who a friend is and who a relative from another mother is, of which all present in his Palace is aware of.

He added; “and this is the point we’ve reached and it is time to bring back honour to Bole and Gonjaland by leaving no stone unturn to bring ck prestige to Bole Traditional Area.”

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