I would kill if I could see – ‘Betrayed’ Otwinoko goes wild over blindness



A Popular radio presenter, Otwinoko, born Linsford Kwabena Asare has confessed he would have certainly killed some persons for betraying him if he could see.
Revealing how he lost his eyesight in an exclusive interview, a betrayed Otwinoko maintained that his deteriorated health and downfall were orchestrated by some closed associates of his, and with the knowledge he has now if he could see, he is very sure that he would have committed murder.
“All those who caused my downfall using dark magic and deceit, do not think you are successful. I always say that it is by God’s doing that I am still blind because if only one eye of mine could see, I would have killed someone. So thank your stars I cannot see,” Otwinoko explained in an interview published by Otwinoko on YouTube.
Otwinko believes that Yaw Poku, a very close friend of his and some colleagues at work orchestrated his downfall because they were envious of his success. According to him, exactly a year after joining Fox FM, his health deteriorated and he became blind.

Otwinoko was arguably one of the best and most patronized radio personalities in Kumasi in the 2000s.
He began his mainstream radio career at Mercury 91.5FM, now known as New Mercury 91.5FM, where he hosted his highly-listened-to program, “Nsem Pii.” On “Nsem Pii,” he focused on cases with spiritual twists or mysteries attached“`

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