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Iam yet to see any effort at preventing a bloody election 2024 – Prof Atuguba




The Associate Professor and Dean of the University of Ghana, School of Law, Professor Raymond Atuguba has said that he is yet to see any effort at preventing a bloody election in 2024.

In accordance with the provisions of the 1992 Constitution, the next presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana, will be held on December 7, 2024.

According to Prof. Atuguba, analyzing the mantra of “All die be die” and “Do or die” which are the slogans of NPP and NDC respectively, the 2024 election could be bloody if certain critical steps are not taken.

Speaking on JoyNews, Newsfile on Saturday, December 31, Prof. Raymond Akongburo Atuguba said that there have been no political intellectual efforts to ensure no such incident occurs.

Referring to a lecture he delivered on how to avert such a situation, the Law lecturer said,“I talked about ‘All die be die’ and ‘Do or die’. I outlined the characteristics of both slogans and the party that stands behind them. I indicated in that lecture that unless certain critical steps are taken, election 2024 could be bloody and could disintegrate our democracy.”

Prof Atuguba added that “again we have all the people in this country capable of working to ensure that this does not happen. I am yet to see work in that direction.”

Ghana’s elections are usually marred by sporadic violent scenes. Although the trend seems to be abating, the stakes seem very high with regard to the 2024 election.

Prof. Atuguba’s call is therefore for stakeholders to ensure that, especially the NDC and NPP, do not implement their election slogans.

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