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I’ll be working with you—-ASABEE to youth organizers



Leading aspirant in the upcoming national chairmanship elections of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hon. Stephen Asamoah Boateng has intimated that he was in the upcoming contest to win and mentor the youth to take over the mantle of leadership from the older generation.

Addressing youth organisers from the 47 constituencies in Ashanti Region Sunday evening, Hon. Asabeee as the former SIGA boss is called by party faithfuls, said he was looking beyond the upcoming elections to ensure that the party has in place leaders who could transfer their knowledge and wisdom to grow the NPP.

Hon. Asabeee noted that it was important that the NPP has as part of its philosophy, a well calculated succession plan so that they could fill in the gaps when the older folks exit the scene.

“I am in this race to win and ensure that youthful elements like yourselves are mentored to take over the reins of leadership when some of us exit the political scene in the future”, Hon.  Asabeee stated.

The former Information Minister narrating many challenges he had had to overcome to stay afloat the political waters including staying in exile, noted that his aim in politics is to ensure that people live better lives and be able to take care of their families very well.

These experiences, such as carrying cocoa, selling of “iced kenkey” and many other jobs he undertook had shaped him to become a better person.

He noted that he could readily identify with people when he sees them going through challenges and difficulties.

“I know most of you are hard pressed trying to keep soul and body together as well as feed or cater for your dependents and this is why I am in this race so that you are well resourced to be able to work for the party and take good care of your families as well”, Hon. Asabeee stated amidst spontaneous applause from the audience.

Hon. Asabeee, having been a Local Government Minister during the Kufuor administration, noted that he would resource youth organisers so that they could play their roles well.

He disclosed his 60/40% agenda with the next NPP government where he proposes that the President appoints 60% of his ministers and Chief Executive Officers and allows for the party to fill 40% of other appointments with party people.

Hon. Asabeee indicated a visible hands on administrative style when elected as Chairman,  adding that he does not want to become an arm-chair chairman who only stays at the party’s headquarters to depend on people for information.

“I am committed to doing better when elected as Chairman than what predecessor Chairmen have done so that while working and oiling the party machinery,  party persons who will be doing the grounds work are given their due”, the National Chairman aspirant posited.

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