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President Nana Addo Starving Own MMDCES, Making Life Unbearable For Them



It is evident that, for the past eight months now, Metro, Municipal and District Chief Executives who are serving under the second term of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s government have not been given  appointment letters let alone to warrant their monthly salaries.

Is it because there’s no money to warrant their payment or is born out of hatred and wickedness

Report has it that,some of the MMDCES need to borrow monies from their wives, siblings and good friends for their day to day activities for the love of the party hoping that  their delayed salaries which is best known to the local government minister and the President himself would be paid.

The situation, according to reports, is making life unbearable for the appointees, especially with those working in the rural areas who have less or no IGF.

The most annoying part of the issue is that,the MMDCES  are yet to get their appointment letters which stipulate their salary and other conditions of service for a whooping eight months that  they have been in office.

The MMDCEs  cannot complain to the Local Government and Rural Development Ministry let alone the President for fear of being victimized or being sacked  from  office.

There’s no doubt about the fact that MMDCES are the President’s representatives at the local level.

So acting as President at the local level, people within the district expect alot from you .

It is clear that , wedding, funeral invitations always await these local Reps which is putting much pressure on them .

Party activists and sympathizers also don’t give these suffering MMDCE the room to operate with their numerous request for assistance.

So honouring all these invitations without monthly payment and other allowances ,how can an MMDCE serving under this current government  survive.

Is like serving as an MMDCE under President Nana Addo’s government is like a hell.

THE PUNCH NEWSPAPER DISTRICT FOCUS TEAM and Management OF BROADCASTERGH.COM are  commending various affected MMDCES for their enormous contributions and dedications towards the development of the nation at this difficult time.

Though the issue at stake has  not been resolved but MMDCES have comported themselves in a manner that one cannot tag them with corruption.

We are by this statement appealing to the government to pay his own appointees to aid them render their services as expected of them by the Constitution of the land. Foster

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