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Illegal miners destroy 1,000 hectares of farmlands at Ofoase



Illegal miners have taken over close to 1,000 hectares of farmlands at Ofoase in the Asante Akyem South municipality, polluting the River Anuru, the only water source in the area.

The communities along this water body rely heavily on it to irrigate their farmlands and cocoa plantations.

However, due to the pollution of the River Anuru, farmers have to find an alternative source to irrigate their crops.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Erastus Asare Donkor, a farmer complained bitterly about the galamsey activities on their livelihoods.

“Our ancestors have been farming for years and the River Anuru was their water source. But now we cannot use the water anymore.

“Now we have to hire tricycles to fetch water from our houses to irrigate our plants. Why should that be so,” he said in an interview.

A former MP for Asante Akyim South and Board Chair of the Middle-belt Development Authority, Alex Korankye, led journalists to various illegal mining sites.

He accused local and traditional authorities of conniving to facilitate the activities.


“I am really sad and appalled by what I have seen here today. The assembly members, I am informed, are all involved. The chiefs are allegedly part of what is happening in this area. Though I don’t have the evidence, this is what the citizens have told me,” he stated.

Meanwhile, local authorities say they are overwhelmed and cannot do much in the face of emboldened local citizens and foreigners using “Chang-fan” machines to pollute the river.

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