I’m not afraid of losing an election – Muntaka



The Member of Parliament for Asawase constituency in the Ashanti Region, Muntaka Mubarak, says he is least perturbed about losing an election.

While advising politicians to be bold in making difficult decisions, the MP noted that some decisions must be taken irrespective of threats from constituents to vote against them.

“There are some things you cannot avoid doing. To push for the betterment of the economy, you have to do things to reduce the burden on the people. While you are doing all these things, some people will be opposing you and trying to bring you down. These same people, when they get power, will do likewise. For me, you won’t get me on this,” he stated.

According to Muntaka, doing the right thing might not be pleasant to some people, but it must be done regardless if it will benefit the majority of people.

“When I realized the Speaker of Parliament was doing things the wrong way, I said it to his face on the floor of the house. People said it was one of the reasons it cost me my position, but I don’t care. My motive in life is to leave a good mark wherever I go,” he told Nhyira FM’s Nana Jantuah on Kuro Yi Mu Nsem show.

Muntaka said he has never been afraid of losing an election because he knows his capabilities.

“I have never been afraid of losing an election, with God’s help, and I know what I’m doing,” said the MP for Asawase.

He further explained that his courage comes from the habit of giving his best performance in his service to his constituents at all times and not sleeping on the job.

“If the people of Asawase say they are tired of Muntaka, walahi, I will thank them because I know what I am doing. I don’t sleep; I work so hard. I do my very best, and if you do your very best every day, you do not need to fear the outcome,” he stated.

Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka was first elected Member of Parliament for Asawase in the 2005 by-elections.

Source: Afia Ako


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