In Ghana if you’re not careful, a doctor can kill you for free – Nana Yaa Brefo on KODA’s death




Nana Yaa Brefo is enraged about some sad events that played out in KODA’s life, prior to his death.

The Ghanaian media personality has reacted to how the gospel musician’s health was gradually affected by the same hospital that was paid to keep him healthy.

Following KODA’s demise, scores of netizens chanced on his earlier disclosure about how he was given the wrong medication at an unnamed Takoradi-based hospital, which drugs he said he took for eight months.

Some netizens, analyzing how KODA died abruptly, have since blamed it partly on the wrong medications he was given.

Nana Yaa Brefo, who shares a similar assertion has bemoaned the poor nature of Ghana’s health system.

Grieving over KODA’s death, the Onua FM broadcaster said, “I chanced on his Facebook live where he was speaking about how some hospital gave him the wrong medication. He had an underlying health condition and they had to give him a medicine which wasn’t good for his health. They gave him medicines that contained stuff not suitable for him. Some doctors are wicked!

She continued, “In Ghana, if you don’t protect yourself and stay vigilant, someone can kill you for free. If you don’t pray to God and keep an eye on that doctor treating you, he can kill you for free.”

She then disclosed some reports stating that KODA’s kidneys were affected in the long run.

“According to some reports, he was battling with kidney issues. They even brought in doctors from India to conduct surgery on him. It’s not easy, it’s a sad story,” she stated.


KODA died on Sunday, April 21, 2024, at the age of 45.

According to a Metro TV report, he passed on in the early hours of the day after battling with a short illness.

Video of late KODA speaking about his health resurfaces

It appears that KODA was not someone who shied away from publicly discussing his health as he previously spoke extensively about suffering from a condition known as G6PD deficiency.

In a video shared by GHPage, he spoke about how he had been given the wrong medication at an unnamed Takoradi-based hospital during one episode that he suffered, stressing how that particular incident affected his health.

“I started developing some funny, funny symptoms here and there over time and I noticed something was not right. So, I remember one day being bold enough to google the medication I was given and I noticed that one major element that I was asked to take was a Sulphur-based medication and immediately I told myself that I had a medical condition called G6PD.

“I know for sure that Sulphur is one of the things that I am not supposed to take. Why, the people, they want kill me or what? Because I had taken the medication for over 6 close to 8 months,” he stated.


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