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Invest in your wards education -Parents told



Mr E.K. Agyemang, a businessman and Mining Contractor has entreated Ghanaians especially parents to complement government’s efforts in cultivating the attitude of investing in their wards education to enable them secure a better future.

He tasked parents to desist from wasting monies and investments on funeral clothing and merry making by prioritizing future welfare of their wards.

According to him, investing in the future wellbeing of the children could complement government’s efforts to get the children of the streets of the cities and reduce the rural urban migration drift among the youth while looking for unavailable jobs.

Speaking with the media at a durbar, Mr Agyemang expressed worry over the increasing number of the youth in the streets of the cities, which he said need much attention to be address.
He stated that, the youth unemployment is a threat to national security, and for that matter, the for every stakeholder corporate bodies, philanthropists and the parents to recognized the need to complement government’s efforts to address the challenges.
He reiterated that, education is key to the development of every child to progress in life being formal or informal and urged every parent to recognized the need to invest in their children from the infancy.
He reaffirmed that, the children are the future generation to take the leadership mantle from the current crop of leaders, being chiefs, politicians, academia, lawyers, Doctors or Nurses and farmers and for that matter, we cannot afford to fail them as a country especially parents, hence the need to invest in them.
He stressed that most children are on the street today because their parents prefer buying expensive clothes to attend occasions rather than giving their children the necessary logistics to enhance their academic aptitude.

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