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It’s laughable to say I’ve been clipped – Henry Quartey



The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, says claims that he has backed down on his plan to demolish illegal structures on Ramsar sites and other areas of the capital are erroneous.

He simply dismissed suggestions that he has been clipped and thus cannot issue his previously promised warning.

Some unauthorised structures on encroached portions of lands belonging to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research were to be demolished last year.

The Minister had also vowed to demolish buildings within the core zone of the Sakumo Ramsar site after a report from experts identified some specific buildings.

Some persons had said the minister had given up on the exercise.

However, while explaining his specific plan, he also stated that he had not been gagged at all.

“There was a miscommunication and I take the blame for it. When we said, we were coming to CSIR, we were making reference to those who had encroached within the 200-acre perimeter. So my position was that we were going to remove those people.”

“When I said Ramsar site, I also talked about the core area. So clearly, I was going to demolish structures that have been there for more than 25 years and are not within the core area. That is why we started with the fence walls. So if anyone says I have been clipped, with the greatest of respect, it’s laughable”, he said on the Point of View on Citi TV.

He also admitted to carrying out the demolition exercise, revealing how some illegal structures of prominent members of society were demolished.

“If I tell you the people who were behind the fence walls that we removed, you will be shocked. The ones that we brought down, were not for small boys. They are big people in society. The calls were coming, but I told my people to go ahead and remove them. I make sure I consult and take advice from the legal brains before I move in.”

The Minister has appealed to Ghanaians to come on board and support his fight against indiscipline in the capital.

Mr Quartey is calling on Civil Society Organisations, Churches, the Media and Commercial drivers to join his efforts in making Accra the cleanest city in the country.

In his view, fighting indiscipline in the capital city must be a collaborative effort and not the work of an individual.

“I want to see a system working than a Henry Quartey doing everything, and I have laid the foundations so today let me make this passionate call again to the good people of this region, I cannot do it alone, but I need everybody on board.”

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