JDM’s Campaign Promise to Cancel Licensure Exams Unfortunate – Ing. Gomashie Edem Wisdom writes



When I saw the news item, I thought it was fake. Later, I saw some credible news outlets publishing it with his videos et al.

One online podcast indicated that, an academic qualification enables you to research a specific subject, while a professional qualification offers you the training to work in a specific field.

From time immemorial, professional certifications and licensures have been a common thing to ensure proper work ethics, professionalism and promote effective productivity across the world.

Doctors upon whatever school they attend in the World are to be licensed to operate. In Ghana, the Medical and Dental Council is in charge. So for example, my good friend and brother, Dr. Alhassan Lukman is certified to operate

Lawyers after their LLB, are mandated to take up a professional law course to pass before they are called to the bar. So for example, learned ones like Sammy Genfi Sammi Awuku Osman Ayariga en co went through nicely..

As a Mining Engineer myself, I could be a Professor in Mining Engineering, without a blasting certificate of competency issued to me by the Minerals Commission of Ghana, I cannot by law undertake any blasting operations and others;

Today, if you are a Procurement Practitioner and you are not enrolled as a Member of any professional body, you can’t get some jobs, you can’t sit on some statutory boards of state and even in the private sector it is worse…

Today, Surveyors, Engineers, Marketers, Accountants, Bankers, Carpenters, Masons among many others have all established standards to certify themselves to meet the demands of a changing world.

To handle key infrastructural projects as a project engineer, if you are not a member of any engineering professional institution in good standing, forget it, you next colleague with that thing will be picked over you…


Why is it that, our gallant teachers are expressing dissatisfaction towards the Licensure? Is it the case that, the mode of executing the exams is not appropriate?

NAGRAT PLATFORM GNAT NATIONAL TTAG Weekly Journal and all educational stakeholders needs to be engaged more by #NACCA en co?

If teachers are not against Licensure but it is the process they despise, then we find solutions.

Teachers in Ghana should use their good number to push more for their interests and not allow Politicians to screw them for votes in swinging policies.

Licensure of Teachers is something I will stand by. Dissenting views must be taken by government and fix concerns.

Any Politician who promises to cancel this is being Populist with emotions which may leave Teachers non-competitive.

Thank you.

Wisdom Edem Gomashie
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