“Jesus Is Not A Christian ” Pastor Ezekiel Alleges



Pastor Ezekiel is a servant of God raising his voice in the wilderness to guard the integrity of the gospel through his devoted teachings and inspirations.

Through his ministry he has been an advocate of hope , peace and resilience. His firm belief in the power of prayer forms the cornerstone of his teachings , inspiring countless individuals to seek solace and strength through their faith .

In his teachings , he has revealed that the lord Jesus is not a christian as many claims . He explained this by quoting the bible from the book of John 3:16 .

It is the sixteenth verse in the third chapter of the Gospel of John, one of the four gospels in the New Testament.

It is deemed one of the most popular verses from the Bible and is a summary of one of Christianity’s central doctrines; the relationship between the Father and the Son of God.

The verse explains that it’s through the love of God , that he gave to the world his only begotten son to die for whoever believes in him ,inorder to have and everlasting life .

From this verse , pastor Ezekiel says that Jesus is Christ and not a christian meaning a universal lord who died for the sins of everybody .

According to pastor Ezekiel, Jesus is not a saviour for Christians only . Salvation is for everybody without looking at which religion one follows . Christ doesn’t belong to any religion and his love is for everybody.

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