John Mahama the magnificent:Anthony Obeng Afran Writes



The word “magnificent” is defined as something extremely beautiful, elaborate, breathtaking, excellent, impressive, spectacular, superb or awesome.

Some outstanding leaders whose impacts changed the world were tagged with the word “magnificent”.

One of such leaders is Suleiman, the emperor of the great Ottoman Empire also known as the Turkish Empire who lived between 1494-1566 and was given the title, “The Magnificent” because of his extreme prowess and leadership skills.

He was able to expand his empire to the Middle East and North Africa and even had the ambition to take over the whole of Europe.

Comparably, when we think of inspirational and charismatic leaders, we think of people like H.E. John Dramani Mahama.

Apart from being a powerful communicator, he is a fairly tolerant and inclusive leader who is loved by many.

Additionally, he is a terrific nation builder who has over 5,000 infrastructure projects to his credit during his first term as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

He not only established a plethora of architecture but also built critical life-saving projects such as the University of Ghana Medical Centre, Maritime Hospital, Bank of Ghana Hospital and the renovation of the Ridge Hospital among others which brought a lot of relief to the people of Ghana during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mahama is the reason why Ghana now has an upsurge in digitalisation and it is vitally important to emphasise the key roles his Accra Digital Centre and the Digital Regulation Centres in the country are playing in the current digitalisation drive which some people are taking credit for.

The plain unadorned fact is that we can never talk about infrastructure transformation in Ghana without mentioning the name John Dramani Mahama.

It is also noteworthy to remind my cherished readers that infrastructure is a vital ingredient to economic growth and development, which is the key to raising living standards which contributes significantly to human development and poverty reduction.

And much as it is true that the current economy of our nation is biting hard and people are going through unprecedented excruciating hardship; together, we can weather this storm if we decide to pool our resources and synergy to bring Mahama back as president.

I love this statement by Dalai Lama XIV who in 1989 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

Similarly, you are an individual, and you may think that your vote in the 2024 general elections will be too small, but according to Dalai Lama XIV, it can make a difference. It can help bring Ghana back to economic recovery and joy to its citizens if you make an informed choice.

Your vote for Mahama “the Magnificent” in December 2024 is, therefore, critical for the mitigation of the pain of Ghanaians especially the teeming unemployed youth.

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