Kofi Akpaloo promises unemployment benefits to youth if elected president



Kofi Akpaloo, the leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), has promised to pay unemployment benefits to the youth if he is elected president in the 2024 general elections.

Akpaloo made the promise in an interview on the Point Blank segment on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

The former presidential candidate of the LPG disclosed that his decision to commit funds to pay unemployed youths is because of years of neglect Ghanaian youth have endured.

“We have neglected our young people and instead of bringing them together, understanding their vision, and supporting their vision, we have neglected them. The LPG will do something different, and we are going to make sure that we pay you unemployment benefits, and support you with income to sustain the youth. We need to create an environment so that the young people in Ghana can make it and prosper.”

“Every child below the age of eighteen will receive child benefit and then those above eighteen years will receive unemployment benefit.”

Akpaloo also said that his administration would maintain the Free SHS policy but merge junior high schools (JHSs) and senior high schools (SHSs) to enhance their management.

“We will merge the JHS and the SHS together to become one school such that we turn them into day schools. We don’t need boarding schools today to promote national cohesion because we have different tribes living in other regions.”

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