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Kojo Bonsu unveils Sankofa project to bring back factories



A flagbearer hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kojo Bonsu has unveiled his Sankofa Project.

Reflecting on the plethora of factories that dotted every region of Ghana at her independence, the former Kumasi Mayor says his primary goal is to bring back those factories.

“It is about the resuscitation of the self-reliant policies for Ghana at her independence,” he said.

Cocoa, tomato, and corned beef were among the top-drawer factories operating over the period in Northern Ghana.

Textiles, matches and pastries boomed in the Eastern Region, while the Western Region produced car tyres, glassware and ceramics.

The Central Region had the famous Komenda Sugar Factory whereas the Greater Accra Region, the seat of government, boomed with textile production lines and electronic assembly plants.

“It is time for Ghana to redeploy the youth through district empowerment manifested in relevant employment to develop every region of Ghana in concert with the people.”

Speaking on the theme of people-central resuscitation and interventions, he stated that “without the help of the people, taking great pride in their environment and harnessing all resources – natural and human – no lasting solution can be found to reposition Ghana among the best in the world.

“Therefore, if given the chance, l will prioritise the acquisition of the relevant skills in order to unearth and develop our treasures.

“Consequently, he said it is imperative for a shift in emphasis on critical in the formal education of young people in Ghana.

“In addition to secondary school education, l plan on putting a greater emphasis on technical and vocational skills, for an efficient productive and prosperous workforce, the engine of the revolution of industrial agriculture,” he said.

Mr Bonsu added, “we would assume responsibility for our destiny, become self-reliant, and self-sufficient and be able to lead productive lifestyles, fuelled by sustainable means of livelihood.

“That way, we would be able to lay the foundation for a new generation of wealthy and healthy Ghanaians in a buoyant economy to drive Ghana’s economy to thrive among the best for the foreseeable future led by the youth of our country.”

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