Kudos to TV3 Ghana for calling out the religious hypocrite Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia-SAMMY GYAMFI ESQ. Writes



The 2024 election is not about the religion a Presidential Candidate professes or where he comes from.

Rather, it’s about TRUST, INTEGRITY, COMPETENCE particularly in relation to economic management, VISION among others.

Ghanaians will not be electing a religious leader who will be leading the nation in prayers or sermons come December 7, 2024. Rather, we will be electing an honest, competent, experienced and visionary leader who can stop the economic decline, transform the economy and create jobs and prosperity for all Ghanaians; a Leader who will lead and rally the nation to build the Ghana we want!

Alhaji Bawumia must know better and stop the dangerous, opportunistic, hypocritical, duplicitous and divisive religious campaign he is introducing into our body politics.

Ghana is a united Country. Christians and Muslims have lived in peace and inter-married for many years in this country. The claim that Bawumia is the Messiah coming to unite Christians and Muslims is hogwash and a figment of the imagination of the NPP and Bawumia who don’t have any meaningful message for the Ghanaian electorate.

The NPP should stop preaching a solution for a non-existent problem and tell Ghanaians:

1. What Bawumia has done with and for the economy in the last seven (7) years he has been Chairman of the Economic Management Team for which reason Ghanaians should vote for him in 2024.

2. Why Bawumia must be trusted given the countless lies he has told the Ghanaian public?

3. What policies Bawumia is bringing to transform the economy and create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth; and why he did not implement such policies if any, in the last seven (7) seven years that he has been Chairman of the Economic Management Team.

Ghanaians want to hear Bawumia on issues of economy, jobs, corruption and the bread and butter issues that directly affect their livelihoods. Enough of the divisive religious campaign. We are one nation, one people!

National Communications Officer, NDC

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