Kumasi based Journalist writes Open letter to Asanteman



I write this open letter to bring to your attention the critical need for strategic development in the Ashanti region. As one of the most influential regions in Ghana, with 47 Members of Parliament in the Parliament House, it is essential that we utilize our population and political power for the betterment of our region.

It is evident that our region holds great significance in Ghana’s governance, as evidenced by the fact that the outcome of elections often hinges on the voting percentages we contribute. This makes it crucial for us to have a well-defined strategic development agenda that addresses the pressing needs of our region.

Currently, we are blessed with abundant natural resources, including gold, timber, productive lands, bauxite, cocoa, and more. However, it is disheartening to see that despite these resources, the Ashanti region lags behind in terms of development. Our roads are not in good condition, our healthcare facilities and schools lack proper infrastructure, and we face numerous challenges.

Therefore, it is imperative that our Members of Parliament develop a comprehensive plan to address these issues. They must go beyond fighting for the interests of their political party and actively work towards the developmental interest of the Ashanti region. They should allocate their resources and influence to secure the necessary funds and support from the ruling government to implement crucial development projects.

Recently, the Kejetia traders have been pushing for the government to prioritize the development of our region, as they have noticed a halt in projects. This is a clear indication that our region is in dire need of attention and resources. We cannot be content with the state of affairs in Ashanti, particularly in Kumasi, where flooding occurs within just 30 minutes of rain. It is disheartening to see our engineers lacking solutions to this recurring problem.

Our traditional leaders also have a significant role to play in advocating for development. Instead of merely using grandiose language to showcase their educational status, they should prioritize the needs of our communities. They must address pressing issues such as galamsey (illegal mining) and the recurring floods that plague our region. It is time they use their influence to bring about practical solutions to these issues.

On the political front, it is evident that politicians recognize the importance of the Ashanti region’s voting power. Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia and former President Mahama are both constantly seeking meetings and engagement with the Ashanti region, knowing that no politician can ignore our voting strength.

However, it is high time we change our style of politics. Instead of merely praising politicians, we must prioritize development and use our electoral majority to bargain for tangible progress.

In conclusion, I implore the people of Asanteman to unite and demand a strategic development plan for our region. We must hold our Members of Parliament accountable and urge them to prioritize our needs over partisan interests. Let us harness the power of our population and influence to negotiate for the development projects we deserve. It is time to change the narrative and prioritize tangible growth for the Ashanti region.

Isaac Justice Bediako broadcast Journalist EIB-Network – @GHOneTV

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