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Raphael Patrick Sarfo (Raph) writes about the propaganda and lies about Afari Military hospital by Captain smart



Dear Ghanaians , there is this propaganda video by captain smart and Onua information center about the Afari military hospital in Kumasi.

These are the facts.

The Afari military hospital was started by President John Agyekum Kufuor before 2008 . The ndc and Mr Mahama rather out of hatred for Ashantis Abondoned the project and many other projects for over 8 years until president Akufo Addo and the NPP came to power in 2016. If not hatred for Ashantis by Mr John Mahama and his NDC against Ashantis and the people who live in the region, why will that project and many projects started by President Agyekum Kufuor take over 8years to be completed? Hatred.

The Afari Military Hospital is near completion as I write . The contractor and government are discussing extra funding needed to complete the project, which sources to me indicates that, it’s far in advance.

*The gas cylinders seen shown by the propagandist are part of manifold for oxygen storage from the oxygen plant. The project is almost complete so the cylinders are all assembled and connected to the plant.The cylinders are always kept outside and since there is no work at the site, definitely the place will be weedy.

So it it not true as claimed by Captain smart that the MRI and the cylinders were abondoned from 2016. It’s a wicked lie and fabricated propaganda by these regime change corrupt media cabals just to deceive Ghanaians and incite the public against the government.

The ndc is using the same lies and dangerous propaganda used in 2008 against President kufour in 2021/24 against President Akufo Addo and NPP. The same strategy that made Ghanaians vote against NPP in 2008.

Politics of lies is the hallmark of ndc and their surrogates. Never again. Let’s be cautious.

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