Kumawu people are not 100% stupid



Many a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is openly vociferously insulting the intelligence of the constituents of Kumawu Constituency.

Their reason for castigating the people of Kumawu constituency is that they voted massively to elect the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary candidate, Ernest Yaw Anim, in the by-elections held following the demise of late Philip Basoah.

They had expected the electorate to rather vote against NPP for almost ostracizing Philip Basoah and completely depriving his constituency of any share of the national cake because of their passionate hatred towards him. While he was alive, the party hierarchy from the president to the least member of the NPP leaderships hated him and kept him arm’s length, they say.

Yes, to be honest with my readers, Philip Basoah suffered a lot of hatred at the hands of the president right through to the District Chief Executive of Kumawu Sekyere District, Samuel Addai Agyekum, and some of the constituency’s executives, but all for absolutely unjustified reason. He was hated for allegedly being identified as supporter of Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng, also known as Alan Cash.

I, myself, initially was going to campaign for the independent candidate to win the election because of how Kumawu Constituency, although a stronghold of NPP and always voting NPP, had completely been neglected and deprived of a share of the many national development projects being carried out by president Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government.

Nonetheless, the person elected at the NPP primaries, Ernest Yaw Anim, was with Philip Basoah in rain or shine. When many a selfish and unreasonable NPP executive had for their selfish parochial interests and malicious reasons rejected Basoah and seen him as enemy, Ernest Yaw Anim stayed by him and became a shoulder he cried on.

However as Basoah was hated by the leaders of the party, the electorate in their majority loved him, sympathised with him, rallied behind him and stuck with him through thick and thin. Therefore, why should they deny someone who had been faithful to Basoah and stayed with him through all his difficulty times until his passing, their vote?

Kumawu electorate or constituents are not fools voting for Ernest Yaw Anim. They voted to reward him for his faithfulness, kindness and dedication to Basoah when he actually needed people to comfort him and be his helper when the NPP leaders had pushed him away. Ernest was never found wanting in that area hence Kumawu people, or to be more precise, constituents, voting massively for him in what could well be said to be a sympathy vote in honour of late Philip Basoah.

If the NPP had fielded any candidate other than Ernest Yaw Anim to contest the by-election, the electorate would have voted to elect either the independent candidate or the NDC.

The electorate did not vote for NPP principally because they had been induced with money. No, it was to reward Ernest as explained above.

Therefore, it is erroneous and silly of anyone to suggest that Kumawu people voted NPP in the by-election because they are fools and were influenced by money. No, far from that.

All those NDC guys right from their flagbearer to the last supporter who see Kumawu constituents as fools for voting NPP are themselves the most and worst fools for supporting a criminal and or, perjurer to win an election to become a legislator in Ghana.

Kumawuman people may be accused of being fools for remaining cowards and quiet when a purported Ashanti Overlord threateningly illegally subdued Kumawu sub-chiefs to not only impose a candidate of his choice on Kumawu as their Omanhene but appropriate to himself hundreds of thousands of Kumawu stool lands.

Nevertheless, voting for Ernest and by extent NPP, does not make Kumawu people fools, if my explanation is clear enough.

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