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Let maturity prevail in the upcoming primaries-Constituency /Branch Executives Told



The Ghanaian economy is collapsing and the people are wailing to be rescued from the government of ill-corrupt, insensitive, self looting and super arrogant incompetent Akuffo-Addo/ Bawumia, NPP government.

The NDC stand tall as the better alternative Party to salvage Ghana and to position her to the right paths of infrastructural development, industrialization and good governance as our past records show.

In the quest of such a great responsibility ahead of us, it imperative for us to conduct ourselves in a manner that portrays a better responsible alternative government in the eye of the Ghanaian people.

We need to have a healthy united front within the files and rank of the party, ready to burden share the woe of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Comrades, nomination is open for both Presidential and Parliamentary Primaries for us to select suitable candidate among the pull of aspirants.
It is my humble appeal in times like this to always look at the greater interest of the party and the responsibility that the Ghanaian people want to bestow to us. Let be guided in our speech during this internal campaign, let devoid of insult and personal attacks to personalities.

Let campaign in a more civilized and democratic manner so that the aftermath of the primaries will be peaceful in order for us to hold hands to pursue the ultimate goal of winning elections 2024 together.

Remember NDC as a party is far greater than any individual and it interest must be uphold. A divided house can not stand….

Comrades, let not impair a running water in which we all fetch in to drink.


Long live Ghana
Long live NDC

Effia Constituency, NDC Communication Officer

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