Let’s renew our commitment to building a flourishing Ghana – Mahama



Former president and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama in his Republic Day message has admonished Ghanaians to be guided by the country’s ‘Freedom and Justice’ slogan toward achieving an impartial and flourishing future.

The former president in his message also charged Ghanaians to fight against any kind of injustice and promote free speech irrespective of one’s status.

Below is Mr. Mahama’s full message

“Freedom and Justice” is not and cannot just be a mere adornment on our Coat of Arms. It must be a moral compass and a guiding light leading every Ghanaian.

Imagine a Ghana where freedom and justice are not just empty words but a powerful force guiding every citizen towards a brighter future.

A Ghana where every person, no matter their background or circumstance, is protected and provided for.

A Ghana where our institutions and courts are trusted to defend constitutional rights and deliver impartial justice.

A Ghana where speaking up against injustice is not criminalised but allowed and encouraged.

Let us renew our commitment to building this flourishing Ghana we all dream of, with the bold colours of our flag as a constant reminder of our shared values and ideals.

1st July is and shall remain Ghana’s Republic Day.

It is our history!

And it shall remain our history

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