Let’s unite and win election 2024 together-COKA advises aspirants after parliamentary primaries



Chairman Odeneho Kwaku Appiah popularly known as COKA has admonished winners and losers of Saturday’s NPP Parliamentary Primaries to unite and win together.

On his Facebook Wall, COKA urged them to focus on the 7th December, 2024 elections and stop the blame game.

Read the full message here…

In democracy, you will not get everyone to support your vision.

I know how it feels when one loses an election, but if you understand and believe in democracy, you should not be down. Delegates have spoken so let’s respect their decision.

Delegates always give hope, but their votes are always influenced by a lot of factors. I always remember the late Sir John anytime there is an internal election.

Losing doesn’t mean you are a bad candidate, but it may be that your strategy did not work. Better luck next time. All those who won, congratulations.

The focus should be on 7th December; blame games will not help. Let’s unite and win together.

We are one family and NDC is our target. God bless NPP, God bless Ghana. Coka, l care.

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