LPG kicks against family planning, describing it as unscriptural



Mr Kofi Akpaloo, the flagbearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has kicked against family planning, describing it as “unscriptural”.

The fear of procreation, Mr Akpaloo attributed to the economic hardship as a compelling factor making many couples opt for family planning.

“God encourages procreation and the filling up of the earth and not family planning,” he said in an interview on Onua FM on Wednesday, December 27, 2024.

Describing the birth control method as “an idea of the Western world,” Mr Akpaloo said, “It’s not of God.”

He promised that If he is given the nod as the President, he will introduce and implement a policy that will ensure that every child in Ghana is paid monthly.

The child benefit policy, the LPG Leader said, will relieve parents from financial burden and the fear of procreating while promising to pay aged monthly stipends.

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