Man of God calls for collaboration between politicians and the church to develop Ghana



Members of the New Ghana Quality Development Workers have called for collaboration between Politicians, the Church, and the Chiefs to ensure Ghana’s development.

The Founder of the group, Apostle Emmanuel Kwaku Duah, says Ghana’s development is hitched to the three groups and the failure of one to collaborate with the other hurts the progress.

He told the media at the launch of the New Ghana Quality Development in Kumasi, that unity between the political leaders, the Church, and the Chiefs is the only antidote to the lack of the nation’s development.

Ghana, Apostle Duah said, has not been able to develop because the knowledge of the Politicians is not only enough to see the nation’s progress, and qualitative change can be achieved through collaboration with other groups.

He noted that the power to develop has been granted to the Chiefs and Queen Mothers of the land, and if the Politicians continue to ignore them and they also refuse to assist the Politicians, the nation will continue to lag behind

Apostle Duah, therefore, called for coexistence, unity, and coherence between the Chiefs, the Politicians, and the Church to enable the nation to develop.

Source: Ayisah Foster

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