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Ashaiman incident: We are in pain – Family of murdered soldier



The uncle of the young soldier who was stabbed to death at Ashiaman says the family has been extremely affected by the incident.

Sherif Imoro said the family had invested a lot to get their son into the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and for him to lose his life the way he did was not what they hoped for.

“We are in pain…we suffered for the 21-year-old to get into the army and in just some few hours some people ended his life,” he told, JoyNews’ Samuel Kojo Brace on Tuesday.

Soldiers of GAF since the death of their colleagues invaded Ashiaman in the early hours of Tuesday, March 7.

The invasion led to the restriction of the movement of residents of Ashiaman and subsequently the arrest of some 72 suspects.

Narrating the current plight of the family, Mr Imoro said, “to be frank if I was part of any of the services, I would have joined them for that operation and I will do more than what they did because they [resident of Ashaiman] deserve it.”

Recounting the gory incident which led to the death of his nephew, he said, “what happened yesterday night we are unhappy about what happened because he struggled from where they him stabbed to where he finally died, which was about a mile away.

“It’s not in the bush, it’s a town; where they are lights and you [residents] heard the boy screaming. Nobody came out to rescue this boy, he suffered for some minutes to hours before he passed on,” he said.

Checks by JoyNews suggest that the soldier after he was robbed of his phone and stabbed gathered strength to seek help which he never got.

Checks also revealed that houses the young soldier sort assistance during his last breath and had his bleeding hand imprinted on the walls.


The distraught uncle explained that most residents pretended as though nothing had occurred until he showed the picture of the deceased before one of the many he had asked began to speak.

“It was only one elderly man and he was pretending that he did not know anything had occurred. So, when I showed him the pictures that this is the door and this is the shower.

“Then he admitted that he had heard sounds around 2 am and I told him, the boy is our son, I am a Muslim, you are a Muslim, he is your son too,” he recounted.

Mr Imoro said he questioned why the man did nothing to help his late nephew but the man said he did not know.

He consoled the sad uncle saying he should take heart adding “God gives and God takes.”

The decease’s uncle quizzed why most residents had the chance to help the late soldier but most looked on.

“The boy was screaming and they heard the boy screaming that I need help abaa[sic], so one of them came out and the one who saw him with blood said I don’t know you. Aah, how wicked are we,” he said.

Mr Imoro appealed to government to find the perpetrators of the act.

“There is nothing we can do just pray to God that his soul rests in perfect peace and then we are pleading to the government for justice to prevail,” he appealed.

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