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Majority Leader In Trouble For  Veep Presidential Agenda…Group Shocked

Patriotic Youth Association (PYA) is yet again shocked at comments attributed to the Hon Majority Leader, Kyei Mensah Bonsu, which have been reported severally by media portals, reflecting the above-stated heading. It can be recalled that at the nascent stages after the party’s victory in 2020, the honourable Leader, contrary to provisions of the party’s constitution, made a proposition that, the party shall select its next flagbearer by “consensus”. This comment drew condemnations from well-meaning party members of which PYA was no exception.
It was expected that, thereafter, the honourable Leader, having seen the uproar that met his allien proposition, would be measured in his commentaries regarding the impending presidential primaries. But, his latest comment, which is ethnocentric in nature, marks yet, another low. This, therefore, suggests, the Leader has no regards for the sentiments of the grassroots and is indifferent about poking his finger into our eyes.
PYA would like to remind the Leader that, the NPP is a heterogeneous party in which all members have equal rights and opportunities. The Leader’s statement represents an attempt to confine opportunities within the party to a few people. We state without doubt, that, the Leader is fronting an agenda to get his preferred candidate imposed instead of concentrating on government business in parliament, so that, he can be considered as running mate.
These meanderings that find their way into the Leader’s public commentaries, are only a smokescreen to push an agenda of foisting a candidate on the NPP. PYA, like any other group within the party, will not sit aloof for such an agenda to succeed. The principles on which the NPP was founded cannot be jettisoned because of the idiosyncrasies of some self-elevating individuals.
The 2024 flagbearer race must be opened for all who are interested regardless of their ethnicity. If we go by the Leader’s analogy, he should have left parliament long ago but, what we see always, is the use of chicanery to shield the majority leader from being contested. Perhaps, the Leader, having benefited from such subterfuges, is contemplating piloting this at the national level, this time, to the benefit of his preferred candidate.
We cannot for the sake of political expediency, deny well-deserving presidential hopefuls like Hon Francis Addai-Nimoh, Hon Alan Kyeremanteng, Hon Joe Ghartey, et al from contesting. That, undoubtedly, will kill the party’s base and spell doom as far as winning the next election is concerned. The Leader, has not doubted the competence of the Akans, who have over the years, led and delivered victory to the party, and to that extent, his comment is disrespectful of the Akans within the party for which, we demand a retraction and apology.
PYA  hereby advise the Leader to be careful with his utterances. If he thinks the time is rife to campaign for his preferred candidate which he has all along been doing undercover, we ask him to resign from him his essential role in parliament so he can properly campaign for his candidate.
A signal is hereby sent that the party’s constitution shall be followed to the letter. Nobody would be allowed to foist on us anything alien to our ethos as a party. 2024 remains an open contest for all.

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