Manso Nkwanta Demo: DCE Meets Commercial Drivers…Set To Kick-start Grading Of Road After 2 Weeks



The Amansie West District Assembly on Wednesday, 20th September, 2023 had an urgent meeting with the leadership of the various transport unions who staged a demonstration against government owing to the bad road network in the area on Tuesday, 19th September, 2023.

It took the form of a dialogue, aimed at giving an official hearing to concerns that were raised by the aggrived commercial drivers during their ended protest and also inform them on the fast-track and interim measures which the assembly has decided to roll out to address the challenge.

Present at the meeting were Hon Nii Lartey Ollenu (Amansie West District Chief Executive), Alfred Atimba ( Amansie West District Transport) Officer, Johnson Appiah (Amansie West District Finance Officer), Coordinating Director for the District Mr Fordjour Timothy, Mr. Samuel Ackom (District Police Commander).

Meeting the assembly were executives of 13 transport unions including GPRTU, PROTOA, Redeemer, Concern, Cooperative, Commercial among others.

At the meeting, spokesperson for all the transport unions Mr. Benjamin Frimpong mentioned roads at communities including Antoakrom, Akropong, Mmem Nkwanta, Yawkrom, Manso Nkwanta as the ones that are severely bad and therefore need to be addressed urgently by the assembly.

He said characteristic of roads at the above-mentioned communities is the large-sized nature of the potholes.

He therefore called on the assembly to step up measures to address the situation.

Chairing the meeting, DCE Hon Nii Lartey Ollenu assured the unions that the assembly will after two weeks commence the grading of roads that are in a bad state.

Arrangement on the foregoing was sealed on Wednesday, explaining that a grader will be moved unto the road to restore the lost driving surface by grading away potholes and other irregularities.

He underlined the above as an interim approach.

Hon Nii Lartey Ollenu prior to the meeting announced in an interview with www.leakynews.net that
government will commence the actual construction of roads in the district before the close of this year.

The government official brought to light that the ruling party is privy to the state of affairs and for that reason has awarded roads in the district on contract for construction.

He informed that road stretching from Anwia Nkwanta to Mmem Junction, through to the adjoining Amansie South District road has been awarded on contract and that construction works are currently ongoing at Datano.

Antoakrom to Pakyi 2 he said has been classified as critical access road and that government is working on all necessary documentations for it to be awarded on contract.

Hon Nii Lartey Ollenu thanked them for turning up at the meeting and urged them to exercise patience since the NPP-led government is sensitive to the welfare of people living in the area.

District Police Commander Samuel Ackom also thanked the group for the level of comportment they exhibited during the protest and how they cooperated with the police.

In an interview with www.leakynews.net, spokesperson for the group said he was happy with the assurance they received from the DCE and how they were received by the assembly.

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