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Marvin Phillip Frazer Norman, NDC Ashanti Regional Treasurer Hopeful Is The Man For The Job 


The man whose reputation surpasses all understanding, the man who has shown and still shows unconditional love to both the young and old, his leadership and exemplary life style needs to be told and retold to the generation to come, his name is Marvin Phillip Frazer Norman who is affectionately called MARVIN by many.

This is by far the best attributes you can find in not just any leader but a leader with clear sense of direction and goals not forgetting his innovative style.

The Ashanti regional NDC treasurer must be Leader/Father for all and MARVIN has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt to be the best for this job. His innovative style puts him on a higher pedestal to lead the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS at this hour.

This is the time for us to come together in one voice and spirit to campaign vehemently for MARVIN PHILLIP FRAZER NORMAN as the next Ashanti regional NDC Treasurer for our beloved party to liberate and show us the light.


#Nyametease. Foster

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