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Mensah Thompson Of ASEPA Writes….

  Quite unfortunately, it is NOT only Gabby Otchere Darko who thinks being critical of Government is pessimistic or pushing an Opposition Agenda. Sadly the Media and most of its Journalists feels the same way, I have always been bombarded by questions like, “So when are you going to see anything good with this government?” I get upset all the time, because as a Civil Society Activists, I am supposed to drum home the problems confronting the people whiles pointing out inefficiencies in Government’s delivery, getting the right issues  the right attention and highlighting the suffering of the people till it gets the much needed attention. CSO’s are NOT praise singers for government, unfortunately in Ghana today, the Media which is supposed to shape the views of the people, will always bring either an Opposition communicator or a Government Communicator to whitewash the truth of CSO’s and they call it balance or Neutral.The media has contributed immensely to this Nonsense of NPP and NDC in our Country.  I get upset anytime i attend a State of the Nation’s Address or a Budget Reading in Parliament.  You will see the Media fighting over the same MP’S over and over again and may Not even attempt to engage CSOs and other interest Groups, when they know definitely the Pro Govt MP will say it was good and the Opposition MP may call it worse. Gabby’s desperation may be borne out of the President’s inability to contain such criticisms and may genuinely want to protect his uncle’s sinking government but he must understand that we CSO’s have underperformed according to standards in the last three years, Next year is going to be more heated so he better stop talking and get more BP bills for the FSH. Because I have struggled all the time, sometimes with the desire to satisfy the so called Neutral bar to find anything positive about this government but have always been unsuccessful…! You cannot talk about Free SHS without the double track and the inhumane overcrowding in schools.You cannot talk about Planting for food and jobs without Army worms and the smuggle of fertilisers and farm inputs to neighbouring Countries. You cannot talk about 1D1F without the shallow renaming of private enterprises as 1D1F…You cannot talk about 1V1D without pointing out the mediocre dug-outs that have left villagers and their Chiefs very livid! And these are government’s core campaign promises and achievements, you cannot deliver such mediocre government and expect CSOs to sing your praise when you promised efficiency,competence,good governance and zero tolerance for corruption! #we are citizens NOT spectators  Mensah Thompson Executive Director, ASEPA Cc.Gabby Otchere Darko (De facto Prime Minister, Republic of Ghana) 

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