Mensin Gold, Old Town Issues: “Where Is Bibiani MP After The Rant?”- Hon. Kwame Obeng Adjinah Quizzes



Months into the brouhaha which became a topical issue in the country between the Mensin Gold Bibiani LTD and the Old Town community, amidst the shooting incident and its related matters, Mr Kwame Obeng Adjinah a parliamentary aspirant in the recent National Democratic Congress parliamentary primaries in the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai constituency has raised concerns about why the Member of Parliament for the constituency, Hon. Alfred Obeng Boateng has kept mute after his comment on the matter in parliament.

In a Facebook post, the Estate developer questioned why the stakeholders have kept silent on such issue which borders the welfare of the constituents.

He wrote,’’This is what I saw long ago when we decided to take Mensin Gold of the Asante Gold to court to ensure the right was done. Unfortunately, some people use it as a tool to destroy. They said I wanted to collapse the mine, but posterity has always been our judge.

Where is the MP for Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai in all of this? He suddenly found his voice in parliament to talk about the mines when I started the campaign to get them to do the right thing and when the case was filed in court. Now he has gone mute on the issues as usual. As the MP, this must be a collective fight with our hardworking Nananom. How can you allow this to happen to the people who voted for you, Hon MP? Kindly do what is needed before it becomes too late, for the issue brewing has become a timed bomb. Bibiani deserves better.


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