Misappropriation of Funds” NASPA Ashanti Executives Given 7 days Ultimatum



The Ashanti Regional National Service Personnel Association (Naspa) has taken legal demand for accountability from the previous 2021/2022 executive led by Samuel Afoakwa Boateng known publicly as Sam-Seth.

Through their lawyers, the secretariat has raised concerns regarding financial transactions and the lack of transparency exhibited by their predecessors and has given them an ultimatum to appear before the secretariat within 7 days.

The following highlights shed light on the issues raised by the current executive.

*Missing Equipment*

The secretariat claims that an amount of GH₵13,100.00 was withdrawn from the accounts of NASPA, Ashanti Regional Secretariat, at Kumawuman Rural Bank by the previous administration for the procurement of equipment.

This included a laptop, a printer, and other items, as mentioned in a memo. However, upon investigation, these items could not be traced at the NASPA Ashanti Regional Secretariat’s office.

The secretariat is seeking clarification on the whereabouts of these missing items.

*Misappropriation of Election Funds*

The secretariat alleges that the previous administration collected funds from aspirants vying for various positions in the 2023 NASPA Ashanti Regional Elections. The total amount collected was GH₵12,500.00, with varying amounts taken from each candidate based on their position.

The collected funds were meant to be used for the smooth conduct of the elections. However, the elections did not materialize, and the secretariat claims that they had to utilize their funds to organize the event. They are demanding an explanation for the misappropriation of these election funds.

*Unauthorized Withdrawal:*

The Ultimatum raises concerns about an unauthorized withdrawal of GH₵13,000.00 from the NASPA Ashanti Regional Secretariat accounts in December 2022. This withdrawal occurred after the immediate past Ashanti Regional Director left office.

The secretariat highlights that the withdrawal was made without proper authorization from higher authorities within the NASPA, such as the NASPA Executive Director of the regional NASPA.

They question the legitimacy of this withdrawal and seek clarification on the matter.


The demand for accountability from the 2021/2022 executive by the 2022/2023 regional NASPA executive highlights serious concerns regarding financial transactions and transparency within the organization. The missing equipment, misappropriation of election funds, and unauthorized withdrawals raise questions about the previous administration’s financial management.

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Eric Murphy Asare

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