Yentumi Bemoans poor roads network in Amansie West District



The Assembly man of Mpatuam West electoral area in the Amansie West District, Hon. Fredrick Nkansah has expressed his dispressure about the terrible state of road infrastructure in the area.

According to him, he feels so sad about how the good people of Amansie West have been neglected in the sharing and equal distribution of the national cake.


Speaking to the section of the media in an exclusive interview, Hon. Fredrick Kwadwo Nkansah opined that president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo government has done numerous of road infrastructures nationwide but he doesn’t understand why Amansie West district is not witnessing such projects.

As an assembly man of the district I can boldly tell you that bad roads is the only major problem affecting us and our leaders most especially our member of Parliament should be proactive else it will negatively affect the party as we are heading towards 2024 general election. Hon. Yentumi on his gifted humanitarian manner therefore used the opportunity to appeal to the constituency executives in the district to come together and unite for the progress of the area.

It sad to see some differences between the party executives and I think this doesn’t eager well if we really want to break the eight then we need to unite and champion a good cause we don’t need to be divided due to our selfish interest we must first of all think about how we can work hard and bring in more development to our people so how can we progress if we are not unite, he concluded.

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