Monitor activities under community mining scheme -Manso Nkwanta Kontihene to Mireku Duker



Manso Nkwanta kontihene ,Nana Gyau Darko III has urged the Deputy Minister for lands and natural resources , George Mireku Duka to monitor the activities under the mining scheme that has been established in Amansie West District.

Addressing the deputy minister , at the commissioning of community mining scheme at Amansie West District in the Ashanti Region, he stated the importance of ensuring development in the communities where mining takes place.

Amansie West District, known for its rich mineral deposits, has been a significant player in the mining industry.

However, this development has not come without its challenges, particularly in terms of community well-being and environmental impact. Nana Gyau Darko address at the commissioning highlighted the importance of keeping the environment safe.

He further urges the government to take a look at the on going developments in the communities and the intention by the small scale miners and the traditional leaders to use about 100acres of land for tree planting in cooperation with the forestry commission to promote afforestation.

The intention is to use that to encourage other small scale miners to join in the course of protecting the environment in the course of their activities .

The coalition, comprised of dedicated miners from diverse backgrounds, has recognized the pressing need to address the environmental impact of their operations. Acknowledging the significance of their role in the protection of the environment, they have resolved to plant trees to replace the already destroyed ones.

He further added that proper monitoring of the mining activities will be required to ensure effectiveness.

According to him, Amansie West Miners Association should be supported so as to develop the Country as a whole.

Speaking on the payment of tax to the government, he argued that development should be done in the Communities where the mining takes place.

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