Movement for Change: A call for Strategic Alliance or United Front



I am a Volunteer for Movement for Change, and wish to share a few thoughts of which I trust will get to appropriate quarters.

I agree to the saying that; ‘If you want to go FAST, you go alone. But, if you want to go FAR, you go with others.

I have had the privilege of listening to Chief Alan share the foundational pillars of the Movement for Change. Indeed, they are fundamental and I cherish such thoughts. The truth of the matter is that, Ghana needs a Great Leader and not a Political Party. Yet, many people out of ignorance or mischief still want to describe the Movement for Change as a Party.

In this regard, they are quick to dig the archives to compare the fortunes of Political personalities who resigned from their Political parties to form their own, and want to predict same outcome for Mr. Alan Kyerematen and his Movement for Change. I dare say, Movement is stronger than a party, and they may only be mistaking. However, in order that, they may not be handed their stones, I have a humble appeal. I therefore suggest two strategies for consideration: Strategic Alliance or United Front.

I would like to suggest that, Chief Alan discusses and form Strategic Alliance with those political parties accolade ‘smaller parties’. There should be meeting with their leaders to espouse his Great Transformational Plan. Those that share similar thoughts and dreams should be brought into the Alliance. In this case, those parties will be represented only at the Parliamentary level, but offer their support to Chief Alan at the Presidential elections (if only our constitution allows).

Furthermore, one of the pillars of Movement for Change is unity government. History tells us that, United Party (UP tradition) was a combined effort of fragmented independent political parties. Hence, since all other political parties seek to break the duopoly of NDC and NPP, there should be a rebirth of a modern era United Front orchestrated and led by Chief Alan to snatch power from both NDC and NPP. The Movement for Change is spreading wild and can go Fast. Moreover, with a United Front, it can go Far to win significantly in December, 2024.

Together we will win

Movement for Change!
Ghana will RISE again!!

Paul Nkrumah
Suame Constituency

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