Mr Yaw Twimasi Appointed New Headmaster For Prempeh College



The tenure of the current Headmaster of Prempeh College ends in the middle of November, 2023.

Stakeholders of the college, including the Old Boys Association, the Methodist Church and the Ghana Education Service have been active in working towards the selection of a new Headmaster to lead the college.

As the process has always been, the search process began with the Old Students Association setting up a 3-member committee to conduct an initial search and submit their recommendations to the GES through the Regional Director of Education.

Their Process identified Yaw Twimasi, the current Head of Kwadaso Methodist Technical Institute. They recommended him to the Regional Director of Education.

Prempeh College has both a Presbyterian and Methodist tradition, which makes the school unique in its appointment of a Headmaster.

It is on a rotational basis and alternates with the Chaplain of the school.

Whenever the school has a Presbyterian Headmaster, they have a Methodist Chaplain. With the Presbyterian Heads’ tenure ending this month, the Methodist Church began their search process which also identified Yaw Twimasi as one of their candidates.

Information indicates that the Methodist Church also settled on Yaw Twimasi and submitted their recommendation to the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service.

The GES having no objection appointed Yaw Twimasi in a letter signed by the Director-General, Dr. Eric Nkansah and dated 22nd October, 2023.

Senior leadership of the Old Boys Association have welcomed the news of the Appointment of Yaw Twimasi as the believe his track record of should academic leadership, high standards and being a disciplinarian will continue to raise the standards of the school.

They are equally happy that the new Headmaster happens to be an old boy who will have the interest of their school at heart.

It is also one of the rare occasions where the Church and Old Students have agreed on the same candidate as the Head of the College.

Yaw Twimasi will be expected to lead a college that promises to transform into an even brighter beacon of excellence in education in Ghana.

Source: Ayisah Foster

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