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Let’s resolve Islamic SHS matter with cool heads—Francis Adomako




The Ashanti Regional Organiser for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Francis Adomako has urged stakeholders in the unfortunate matter at the Islamic Secondary School to allow tempers to cool down so that a lasting solution could be found to address same.

Speaking to this reporter Tuesday morning,  Mr Adomako said it was important that issues that bother on the lives of people are resolved with calmness.

The NPP regional executive noted that demonstrations were democratic avenues to express misgivings and when some persons decide to use that, proper means must be used to resolve same.

“The manner and means the security agencies go about resolving such matters when demonstrators go overboard needed a relook so that what occurred resulting in the hospitalization of over 25 students does not happen again”, Mr Adomako stated.

The NPP regional organiser said he was surprised the Urban Roads Department of the KMA did not attend to the deaths occurring on the road in front of the Islamic SHS.

The construction of speed ramps, Mr Adomako stated was solely the job of the Urban Roads Department, adding no one should even prompt them to attend to same.

He however urged that going forward each agency of government attends to issues with some proactive attitudes so that deaths and injuries could be avoided.

“I am sure before the demonstration by these students at the Islamic SHS, if the Urban Roads Department had constructed at least two or three ramps to curb the deaths occurring in front of the school this unfortunate issue could have been avoided “, Mr Adomako stated.

The NPP regional executive urged parents whose wards have been affected to be calm as the students recover from the shock associated with the happenings.

Mr Adomako also asked the school authorities to keep an eye on the students as they recover and treat them with care.

The NPP man appealed to the Police to always apply minimum force when they are dealing with students and issues bordering on the lives of people.

“I sincerely believe if stakeholders begin to calm down on the issues at Islamic SHS we will find a lasting solution to same. My unhappiness however is with the Police because I didn’t like the way and manner they handled the situation and I think we could have avoided the casualties that occurred”, Mr Adomako stated.

Mr Adomako called on the media to exercise restraint when issues about demonstrations occur so that they do not end up exacerbating the situation with their reports and stories.




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